Igniting Joy

Igniting Joy is rooted in indigenous ways of understanding how energy flows (Ollin) and revitalizing a vital force located in the heart (Teyollila).

The hummingbird is our master guide through the course. It reminds us to be joyful and fearless in our quest for the nectar for our own dreams. The nectar is a life source for the hummingbird. The metaphor of the nectar is for us to seek the sweetness of life fearlessly and voraciously like the hummingbird does. The invitation for you during this course is to open up to joy and experience more ease and flow in your life. There will be no need to delay gratification. Or experience joy as a reward.

The Modules

Each module provides tools, guided experiences, and reflection prompts to help participants cultivate and implement the ways of the hummingbird to experience more resonance in a joyful life.

Module 1: Mapping Joy

Module 2: Balancing Joy & Pain

Module 3: Love Guides My Way

Module 4; Ancestral Joy

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Reina Prado, your facilitator

I am a Love Conscious Coach & Holistic Energy Practitioner who sources from indigenous, sacred, and metaphysical tools such as plant medicine, crystals, elementals, and astrology to support their clients along with holistic energy healing modalities and their signature offering Love Limpias. I support clients on their journey to a joyful and love-filled life.